Sunday, February 05, 2006

August and Everything After

Unfortunately, everything after their 1993 debut album has been sub-par for the Counting Crows. Hopefully Adam Duritz will find the magic again:

We are definitely making a new album. This is just to clear things up. We'redefinitely going to be making an album. Many of the songs are alreadywritten. Some have already been recorded (at least preliminarily) anddiscussions have been held as to how to proceed. The holdup is me. I'm stillnot prepared to do the things I would have to do to go forward with an albumproject right now, especially one as ambitious as this. Actually, it's notthe scope of the album that presents the difficulty. That's the easyenjoyable part to be honest. I'm just not prepared to go on tour for anylength of time and I'm even less prepared to wallow in the filth of themusic business. I don't want to go away form home for any period of time. Idon't want to speak to anyone in the press. I certainly don't want to readabout myself in the press. And, as I said, I don't want to spend any timeamong the disappointment and (unavoidable) disillusionment of the recordbusiness. At least for a little while. It wouldn't be healthy for me right now.


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