Saturday, January 28, 2006

Domestic abuse

In the same vein as the wife beater begging for forgiveness and declaring his undying love, here's Steven Speilberg:

If it became necessary, I would be prepared to die for the USA and for Israel.


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As a fan of Spielberg's films, yes, his earlier films, I can't help but note his comments in the documentary on the making of one of my favorite films, Close Encounters. He stated that that film was his most dated, since he couldn't imagine ever leaving his family for any higher truth, not even going to another world. I found that a sad change, since I find CE one of his most inspiring films to date, and one which turned around the view that we are alone in the universe.

I haven't seen Munich, but I look forward to it. I, too, recall the images and sounds of the fateful '72 Olympics, though I was only a child at the time. Jim McKay was a hero of mine, as well. I think Spielberg's change of heart has come on the arrival of his children into the world. He's lost the daring, throw caution to wind attitude and replaced it with a "i have a responsiblity" mentality. He does, indeed have a responsibilty, as a father, and for the rest of us, as an artist and mainstream filmmaker. Both have implications.
I think Spielberg needs to watch Sullivan's Travels by Preston Sturges one more time, if he hasn't already.
In that great film, or rather, movie, to use Steven's classification, the director character finds that the responsibility of "sending a message" is better left to Western Union. In effect, bring the people joy.

You used to do that, Steven. And I, along with the Martians of Woody's film, have fond memories of them all.

Tokyo, Japan

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