Tuesday, August 01, 2006

World Opinion

So I finally lost it the other day at the dinner table. There is only so much one can take when it comes to the blatant anti-Israel bias of Spain's television news or "telediarios." I had heard the words "babies" and "massacres" too many times to hold it in any longer. After explaining to my mother-in-law that it is Hezbollah's goal to murder innocents (Lebanese included) while Israel does whatever it can to avoid civilian deaths, she simply asked, "So is the whole world wrong?"

The answer is yes. Dennis Prager explains it better than I ever could:

World opinion" doesn't confront real evils, but it has a particular animus toward those who do -- most notably today America and Israel.

The moment one recognizes "world opinion" for what it is -- a statement of moral cowardice, one is longer enthralled by the term. That "world opinion" at this moment allegedly loathes America and Israel is a badge of honor to be worn proudly by those countries. It is when "world opinion" and its news media start liking you that you should wonder if you've lost your way.

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