Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Spanish Vacation

I'm in Southern Spain trying to survive the heat. Zapatero is harder to tolerate when you have to listen to him on the telediario every afternoon. Here's what I wrote about him in FrontPage Magazine.


Anonymous Manuel said...

As a Spaniard living in Madrid, I thank God for giving me the chance to work in international projects and travel often, this saves me having to watch Mr. Zapatero doing silly things on TV and even worse, having to litsen to him.

I hope you enjoyed your vacation and really, I hope you can return some day to a better, more mature Spain (or what may be left of it)

3:01 PM  
Blogger Geshcann said...

Jejeje today that's the wrost of Spain... as a spaniard from Mallorca, I hope in the future you can come back to Spain without Zapatero... perhaps in 2008, I hope after...

Greetings from Spain and scuse me for my english... that's a PSOE's education consequence...

5:57 PM  

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