Tuesday, February 14, 2006


It looks like T.C. Lower has found my favorite part of Seville:

For me, perfect moments appear while I'm traveling. One such moment occurred in Seville, Spain, while I was winding down a road by a whitewashed labyrinth of homes beyond whose gates were courtyards with fountains and towering foliage.

I rounded a corner and entered what looked and smelled like paradise - a public courtyard filled with the fragrance of the orange trees lining its edges. The trees provided shade for gorgeous tropical flowers and mosaic-tiled benches where, on this particular day, I was treated to the music of a local guitarist strumming his 12-string.

I've spent hours in that very same courtyard just around the corner from the Alcazar. The perfect moments in life take place when time seems to stand still. For those of you who will never fall in love for the first time again, Seville might be the best place to help you feel "that way" again. All the more reason to fight Islamic terrorists who are intent on restoring their rule over Andalusia.


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