Friday, January 06, 2006

Madrid Arrest

The Spain Herald reports:

Moroccan citizen Rachid Taichi, who killed a man in a bar brawl at the well-known Madrid discotheque Joy Eslava on December 26, has been subpoenad by judge Juan del Olmo of the Audiencia Nacional, Spain's highest criminal court, as part of the investigation into the March 11, 2004 bombings in Madrid. In December 2003 Taichi attended a meeting at which the purchase of the explosives used in the bombings was agreed upon. He has a record of seventeen arrests for theft, assault and battery, and drug possession, seven false identities, and two outstanding warrants. Del Olmo wants to question Taichi on his links with terrorist Jamal "El Chino" Ahmidan's hashish-dealing organization. In April 2005 the lawyer of police informer Rafa Zouhier implicated Taichi, but no action was taken as police informed the court that Taichi had been deported from Spain. Taichi was arrested on December 28 in a Madrid park. The murder occurred at 4 AM when a fight broke out among two different groups, and Taichi stabbed the victim.


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