Monday, December 26, 2005


Or so it appears to me. The rage is asleep say the rioters:

The rage in the suburbs is only asleep," said Balastik, a French youth of Mauritanian origin who has been jobless since dropping out of school seven years ago and is dreaming of a career as a rapper with his band, Styladone. "It wouldn't take much to wake it up again."

Is France also asleep I wonder?


Blogger A.J. Kaufman said...

When were the French ever awake? Sadly, the US is drifting off to sleep thanks to many politicians and leaders in this country. No one wants to see another 9/11 to wake these fools up, but maybe replaying 9/11 on TV again can remind these folks where they live, who we are fighting and what happened in NYC and DC just over four years ago. Maybe?

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