Saturday, September 01, 2007

Perpetual Adolescence

Read my confessions of a perpetual adolescent.

Diana West, author of "The Death of the Grown-Up," was interviewed by Jamie Glazov at FrontPage.


Anonymous Aunt C. said...

Even were I not slightly prejudiced toward your "Scribblings" by my familial association with you, I find you to be more than ready to assume the responsibility of siring a little person of the next generation. In fact, I would count that little "Hanscom" to be undeniably blessed to have a father as wise, principled, disciplined, passionate in his convictions, and noble as you. Your observations about the problems and ills of uncaring, uninvolved parents; schools as indoctrination mills for socialist world views; and youngsters (and their parents) who are tuned only into gimmicks of instant gratification do give one pause...why bring a child into this chaos? But, Aaron, your and your darling wife's child would be molded by you both: you would input into his life things of goodness, honesty, and good repute. He would be a warrior for those of the next generation who will lead our society forward in hope...hope which God gives to those who love Him, which is more than wishful thinking, but a promise from Him. I am so grateful for your mature and wise stance on issues du jour, as well as your crusade to wake up our sleeping society to the need to care about our children, schools, and homes.

12:31 PM  

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