Thursday, January 18, 2007


A Free Republic poster comments on my Frontpage piece from today:

David Selbourne is the author of The Losing Battle with Islam.

This is an article based on the Seinfeld premise; an article about nothing.

Posters vent.

So What.

I heard the author (Selbourne) interviewed on the Dennis Prager radio program.

It was unclear as to what his real position is with regard to Islam in the West. He took potshots at Melanie Phillip's Londonistan without really making clear where he thought its premise was flawed.

I concluded that he is an empty suit with nothing worthwhile to convey.
This article confirms that impression.

I agree completely (minus the Seinfeld line, of course.) I heard the same Prager interview with David Selbourne, and that's what gave me the idea for the piece. The critics who will have none of the Eurabia thesis usually don't do a good job of showing where it is flawed. That's one of the points of my piece.


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